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Scribbles from the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!
Anatomy of a Toon
Orc and Pi

Anyone who's been looking at my still relatively new 10'x10' Toon webcomic may have noticed that a significant number of the comics there are refined versions of doodles that have shown up here at Doodle-A-Day.

I am, indeed, using my notebooks full of doodles as raw material for the single-panel comics ... but this is the first time that a finished comic has been released BEFORE the doodle it's based on. Y'see, I did the doodle SPECIFICALLY because I WANTED a doodle for Pi Day.

If such things interest you, comparing this doodle and the finished comic is a good example of how my development process works. Tweaking the image ... adding at least an implied background ... and refining the text (in this case, to create a secondary gag).
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