Stan! (doodlestan) wrote,

Still Biting The Arm That Beats You

"Oh what the hell? AGAIN?!?"

This is the SECOND in my series of doodles documenting the ongoing in-joke that every creature our classic D&D group meets launches itself at Vinmar's arm, bites deep, and clamps on until he beats it into submission (you can see the first on here). It's like, as a living construct, they only see him as a big, animated chew-toy.

Of course, at the time Vinmar WAS the main melee fighter in the group ... so it really only made SENSE that he was the target of so many attacks. But it was still FUN to roleplay the shock and mild umbrage.

Also, you may notice (if you compare the two doodles) that my interpretation of Vinmar changes quite drastically. I STILL haven't settled on a definitive look for him, but for the most part I do some kind of medieval interpretation of Robot Man.

It's game night tonight, but we're not playing the classic D&D game. Instead we're helping JD playtest an adventure he's writing for a freelance client. Still, we're having a good time doing it, and THAT'S what game night is all about.
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