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March 31st, 2010 - Doodle-A-Day.com
Scribbles from the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!
"Alas, poor Uruk."
"He's in Valhalla now."
"Yeah. Too bad we didn't take him to town ... he could have been raised.,,"
"NOW you mention that?"

This is a sort of "what if...?" scenario from a recent Game Night session. We had our first party death--the monk whose player, as it turns out, was not at the game (but HAD given us permission to run his character as normal).

The group was a long way away from civilization, and we'd never had a party member die before. Our characters come from a Viking-esque culture, so we began thinking about what they would likely do with their friend's body. Burn it in a standard "Viking funeral," we thought ... since none of the characters there were particularly knowledgeable about divine spellcasting.

Thankfully, the bard made a strong Knowledge (religion) check and came up with the fact that the church that the monk was associated with IS supposed to have magic that can peel back the veil of death. So we decided that taking his body to the main temple was the best thing to do.

But what if the bard had failed that roll? And then just happened to remember that important bit of information few hours later?