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Size Doesn't Matter - Doodle-A-Day.com — LiveJournal
Scribbles from the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!
Size Doesn't Matter
"I'm your BIGGEST fan!"

This is a doodle I did JUST to test out a new look for Droxine, the lead singer and main character in Cautious Fuzz, a comic I did in my post-college years that still remains fresh in my head and that I often think of reviving. Of course, there are complications like the fact that one of the characters is basically a "funny animal" version of one of my best friends ... but those things could be dealt with.

The drawing has more of an Archie Comics look than I really want ... but it WAS enlightening to me to see one variant way I could take the character. The fact that there's an actual GAG in this cartoon (and one that I'd almost certainly USE if I ever did start making new Cautious Fuzz comics) is purely an added bonus.
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