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Scribbles from the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!
Holy Jumping Badgers!
"Jump, badger ... jump!"
"vut vut vut"

Yes, it's that badger from our weekly Pathfinder game again ... this time from a weird moment that might have happened off-screen. Y'see, the ranger had sent his badger climbing up a 20-foot section of wall (the badger actually has a decent Climb score) to take care of some kobold archers who had been taken refuge up there in order to ambush the party. They were taking care of those kobolds while the rest of the party snuck up on a very nasty half-dragon troll (wearing a ring of protection from acid).

Once the kobolds were slaugh ... errr ... dealt with, the ranger had to retrieve his badger and come join the rest of the team. We just figured this was the quickest way for the badger to have gotten down from the archers' balcony.

We all find it pretty funny how popular the badger has become, not just among the party ... but also here at Doodle-a-Day and with the growing number of people who are following the weekly post-fest we make on Facebook and Twitter as the game rolls along. Every time the badger takes heavy damage (which seems to happen a lot) we get a significant number of worried responses.

People are out there rooting for that badger! Jump, badger ... JUMP!
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