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Scribbles from the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!
Groovy Badger
When the bard sings ... the badger grooves!
"Vut vut vut"

I've really been enjoying posting Facebook updates during our weekly Game Night sessions of the Pathfinder RPG ... but I've been kind of shocked at how popular those updates seem to be getting. It seems there is at least a small group of people out there who want to be part of our campaign, even vicariously.

More surprising to me, though, is how people are forming opinions about and attachments to various characters. The monk, for example, has gotten the reputation for having a "glass jaw" simply because he was the first PC to be killed. He's actually an important part of our melee strategy and can take a hit just as well as he doles out flurries of blows.

MOST amazing to me is how popular the ranger's badger animal companion has become. People want to know how the badger is doing ... they fret when he's taking too much damage ... and I really kind of worry about the reaction we'd get if something bad actually befell poor Roger (that's the badger's name).

In the meanwhile, though, he remains an integral part of our group ... and he really LIKES it when the bard starts to sing.