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Doodle-A-Day.com — LiveJournal
Scribbles from the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!
"Aaaah! Badger! BADGER!!"
"Vut vut!"

Yes, it's the return of the badger!

I've been a little surprised by how many fans this little guy has been getting thanks to these doodles and the posts I make on Facebook every Game Night. It seems like a lot of people are actually rooting more for the badger than for any of the PCs.

Admittedly, he IS cuter than any 3 of us combined.

This doodle comes from our big, climactic battle with a huge fire elemental ... where the creature actually spent a good deal of time focusing on the badger rather than the PCs. (He was giving us flanking bonuses ... and I guess the most expedient thing SEEMED to be to take out the badger. But that little guy is TOUGH!)

While at GTS, I spent some time hanging around the Gaming Paper booth chatting with the fine folks who make that really awesome product. They had an open role on the table and were encouraging people to draw an ad-hoc dungeon on it. I, of course, felt the need to add doodles ... just to spruce the whole thing up a bit.

You can see it here.

Now those whacky Gaming Paper guys are actually giving away the whole 25"x46" sheet ... original art and all!

All you have to do is be a Facebook user and become a fan of both the Gaming Paper and 10'x10' Toon fan pages, then make a post that tags both those pages. (Really, it's pretty easy ... it just SOUNDS complicated if you're not a Facebooker.)

So if you want to own your own original doodle art by yours truly ... well ... now you've got a shot at it!
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"Sure, things look good for you NOW ...
but in under three million years you're gonna be EXTINCT!"

Yes, Mr. Superior Alien Being, but in about 3.5 seconds YOU'RE going to be well on your way to being DIGESTED!
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Just a drawing of a giant ... not really associated with anything, but I think that I may press it into service the next time I need a giant for a cartoon.
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"What is UP with my hair?!"

I'm not sure whether this monster is complaining that its hair is being unruly or that it appears to have only two, very large strands of it.
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"Mmm boy! Nothing says adventuring more than fresh-caught goblin fritters cooked over an open fire!"

The real secret is Uncle Grakhor's Seasoned Underdark Sea Salt ... it makes goblin fritters taste gooooood!
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GTS has me thinking about how to MONETIZE the things you love. And, really, who WOULDN'T want to buy a plush version of this little dragon guy? He's such a CUTIE!
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I'm in Las Vegas to attend the GAMA Trade Show ... so it seemed appropriate to have a doodle of a chip of SOME sort. This little guy ALSO has the added advantage of looking fairly disgruntled (or at least disinterested), which is how I often feel when hanging around in a casino.
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"Evil doesn't carbonate itself, y'know!"

It's been a while since I doodled Prof. Papps, Dr. Symm's nemesis. Apparently he's been away inventing some kind of evil soft drink!
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Yeah. It's a mask ... and that's supposed to be a ribbon (trust me on this one). The end.
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In the middle of doodling up ideas for 10'x10' Toons, I scribbled out this charming fellow. Apparently, he's planning on drinking alone ... or you have to bring your own glass if you want any of his bubbly.
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"I can't hear you ... come closer."
"Bzzz bzz bzzz!"

When I drew this doodle, I thought that the crocodile was trying to sucker in the faerie/imp ... and was being rebuked for it (the "bzz bzz" standing for "I'm not that stupid!"). But looking at it now, the crocodile just seems more sad and confused ... and the faerie looks angry and aggressive.

Or maybe the crocodile has successfully suckered ME in and ... *chomp* ... aaaarrgh!
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A sketch from a little later on in the scene with the toad shepherd. We learned that the toads belched up this thick, mucus-like goo that hardened and slowed one's movement. Then, after we took down the ranger and killed a few of the toads, we learned that they ALSO excrete a slimy substance that they can use to slide away quickly but leaves a trail that acts like a grease spell.

So the toads are all about preventing you from moving normally. On paper I'm sure this seemed like good monster design -- pick a thematic focus for the monster and build mechanics to express that theme. But in practice it just seemed too contrived. Tremendous toads that create two really bizarre but useful excretions that do basically opposite things and yet affect the characters in the same way? And neither of those powers seems especially complementary to what a toad generally does? It just was too easy to see them as nothing but a contrived obstacle ... a mechanical challenge ... rather than a creature that belonged in the environment.
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NOTE: Apparently the latest update to LJ has caused issues with the Scrapbook feature and all my doodles have been set on "private" ... so you may not be able to see them. They assure me that they're working to resolve the problem. Once that's done, I'll go back in and make the doodles public again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

"I HATE getting sabertoothed toad shepherding duty!"

One of the weirdest creatures we've encountered in the recent sessions of our weekly Pathfinder game are these sabertoothed toads that spit immobilizing goo and secrete very slippery grease. For some reason, I found that combination of abilities broke my willing suspension of disbelief (this in a game with floating eyeballs and monsters that can transform into the shape of a door or a treasure chest).

Maybe it's the inexplicable annoyance I felt with the toads that made me actually feel SORRY for the kobold whose job seemed to be to shepherd their "flock." Of course, that kobold turned out to have several levels of ranger and did a significant amount of damage to the party. But even after we killed him, I figured he was just acting out because he was so annoyed
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"Jump, badger ... jump!"
"vut vut vut"

Yes, it's that badger from our weekly Pathfinder game again ... this time from a weird moment that might have happened off-screen. Y'see, the ranger had sent his badger climbing up a 20-foot section of wall (the badger actually has a decent Climb score) to take care of some kobold archers who had been taken refuge up there in order to ambush the party. They were taking care of those kobolds while the rest of the party snuck up on a very nasty half-dragon troll (wearing a ring of protection from acid).

Once the kobolds were slaugh ... errr ... dealt with, the ranger had to retrieve his badger and come join the rest of the team. We just figured this was the quickest way for the badger to have gotten down from the archers' balcony.

We all find it pretty funny how popular the badger has become, not just among the party ... but also here at Doodle-a-Day and with the growing number of people who are following the weekly post-fest we make on Facebook and Twitter as the game rolls along. Every time the badger takes heavy damage (which seems to happen a lot) we get a significant number of worried responses.

People are out there rooting for that badger! Jump, badger ... JUMP!
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"Boop boop boop
boop boop

YOU try being immortal, stalking the night, and leading a solitary existence WITHOUT occasionally resorting to making goofy noises just to amuse yourself!
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