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Scribbles from the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!
The REAL reason Dr. Symm became a scientist ...
"Pi sounds like PIE!"

It's Pi Day ... and I'm just trying to figure out what KIND of pie I'm going to have to celebrate. I could go out and have some quiche for lunch or maybe even some pizza (they're made as "pies" and served in "slices," right?) ... or I could just focus on dessert. We don't have any pie specialty restaurants around here (unless you count Coco's or Marie Calendar's ... which I don't), but I'm sure I can find a decent slice somewhere. Maybe one of the local diners.

Anyway, as you find your own way to celebrate Pi Day, be sure to be on the lookout for orc nerds ... they're up to no good this day, you can count on it!
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I'm not sure WHAT inspired me to doodle this image of inversion ... the jock being bested and taunted by the nerd. I always kind of hope that, if and when the tables are turned, the nerd can give an ADDED lesson by showing grace in victory ... but then I look at the smack-talking, in your face, chest-thumping arrogance that goes on around any evening of video gaming and I KNOW I'm expecting too much. As a rule, we're just as ingracious as the broad-shouldered set is.
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"Glowing crystals? Oh crap ... adventurers are gonna come for THESE for SURE!"

If there's one thing that residents of the Underdark know, it's that anywhere there's even faint illumination, adventurers are SURE to go.

After scribbling this doodle, I realized that this concept could be the basis for a fantasy adventure based on the Star Trek novel "How Much For Just The Planet?" (It's a really GREAT read ... definitely worth seeking out.)
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The thing I like about the giant squirrel is that it isn't doing anything monstrous ... just wondering why all the acorns are so TINY.
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"Boy, we sure are quiet, aren't we?"
"Yeah, we SURE are!"

Even WHILE I was drawing yesterday's doodle mocking my barbarian character for being decidedly un-sneaky, the party decided to send the rogue and monk characters off by themselves to sneak ahead of the group.

Unfortunately, both players' die rolls were under 3 ... so their Sneak checks weren't higher than 9 or 10. Not so sneaky.

Then my barbarian decided to sneak up to them, just to helpfully let them know that they really weren't being so quiet ... and I rolled a 19 for a total of 21. Pretty sneaky.

Of course, as soon as he got there, the barbarian started bragging loudly, but it didn't matter. The enemy had already HEARD the un-sneaky rogue and monk and was launching an attack.
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"It's QUIET in here! We should try SNEAKING in!"
"Great idea, Bjontir."

Bjontir is my barbarian character from the current Pathfinder campaign we're playing on Game Night. He's a big, bombastic, boisterous guy ... loud and opinionated, so even when he THINKS it would be a good idea to be sneaky ... he's just not very good at it.

This is almost word-for-word the dialog spoken (in character) at the table as the group re-entered a previously bustling dungeon complex only to find it empty and silent. (I think the rogue's player really DID say "oy!")

For what it's worth, Bjontir's idea was the right one. But, as you'll see in tomorrow's doodle ... it didn't work out especially well.
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"Fighting fish?!? I'll show you a REAL fighting fish!"

Nope ... not sure where this one came from. I do think that the dialog could be tighter, but it's just a doodle, man.
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"No wonder I'm a geek icon ...
... I look like the Silver Surfer holding a broadsword!"

It's Academy Award day ... and that means I'm heading up to the L.A. area to go to my friend Rob's Oscar Viewing Party. This is always fun because not only is Rob a super cool guy AND a terrific game designer & editor ... he's also a professional movie critic.
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"Geez! Why don't they ever ask ME to host the Oscars?"

I actually am finding it hard to believe that the Academy Awards are being handed out tomorrow night. It seems too soon. But that's not going to stop me from going to an Oscar Viewing Party and enjoying the spectacle.
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"Wow! That's one BUFF elf!"
"Yeah. When he hugs a tree, it STAYS hugged!"

When I finished this doodle, I thought that the buff elf looked a little too much like Namor, the Sub-Mariner ... but then I realize that without the flat-top haircut, he really WAS just an elf.
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"Chew carefully, Sarah ... that's nitro-gum!"

Like grade-school teachers everywhere, Dr. Symm is clearly tired of hearing kids chomp, smack, snap, and pop their gum. This invention, I'm sure, makes sense to him. But snapping gum and blowing bubbles is such a mindless activity, I think even if I KNEW that I was chewing nitro-gum, I might inadvertently blow my own head off.
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"Large Fire Elemental!"
"Send in the badger!"

The ranger's badger companion continues to play a major role in our Pathfinder group's melee combat tactics. Often that little guy is sent into places were almost none of the PCs would even think about going ... and he's gotten fairly beat up from time to time because of it. On the other hand, he's more than pulled his own weight for the group.

There were A LOT of things going on in the encounter this doodle comes from ... things that highlighted differences in play style between the players, expectations from the game rules, and the cohesion of the group. But maybe the most interesting thing we learned was that the badger was the only character that seemed WILLING to run up and fight a large fire elemental.
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"I HATE pudding!"
"heh heh heh"

A doodle from a recent Pathfinder session where the group faced a very nasty large black pudding. Bjontir, my barbarian, after dealing a good bit of damage, failed some saves and wound up completely smothered in the ooze. Thankfully, the others in the group finished the creature off before Bjontir had to start saving against DROWNING in the stuff.

We DID manage to save some vials of the caustic ooze before it dissipated entirely ... and those came in handy later. But that's another story.
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"Goo goo gajoob"

I was listening to Magical Mystery Tour when I doodled this. I guess the Walrus got into my brain.
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While not as cuddly as yesterday's plushy demon, this little guy is kinda cute on his own rights. He looks a bit more devilish ... but how could you stay mad at that face?!?
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