Scribbles from the Ballpoint Pen of Stan!

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I've always been a doodler ... just ask anyone who ever borrowed a notebook from me at school. I've been lucky in that I've been able to get my cartoons published from time to time ... but this journal is an attempt to share my doodles, drawings made for no reason other than that's what was on my mind while I had a pen in my hand. Most of these drawings were made in notebooks during meetings and brainstorming sessions, wthers were made while sitting at cafes or bookstores. Generally, they were drawn using just a standard ballpoint pen (though I do occasionally doodle with a gel or brush pen).

Although some of the doodles feature characters from cartoons and comics I've published, these images were not done as part of a conscious effort to develop new ideas. Those wouldn't be doodles, they'd be preliminary sketches. On the other hand, some of the doodles may eventually be redrawn in a publishable form. That's the great thing about doodling, sometimes you just come up with a gem.

For a more self-conscious take on who I am and what my work is, go to my website or my other journal. This journal is just about doodling.

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